25 Simple Lessons I Wish I knew When I Was Younger

Life comes with many twists and turns; make sure you have a decent set of tires.

Chris Freyler
4 min readFeb 27, 2022


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I’ve been told I’m stubborn and don’t listen. I can agree to a certain extent. I love to repeat past lessons; the more painful, I seem to gravitate towards them, unfortunately.

I’d say I am very self-aware, but I lack wisdom like most of the world. True wisdom comes when you put your self-awareness into action. The problem is, taking action is the most challenging part hence why many never achieve wisdom.

Look around, read all the self-help articles on Medium and Quora. Everyone knows what’s best for everyone else but themselves. I am a professional with telling others what they should be doing while I do the complete opposite.

It’s easier to try and change what you can’t change in yourself in others. It’s always easier to see others’ flaws than your own.

Self-awareness is rarely sought because it can be so painful. Self-reflection is a challenging feat to accomplish. No one wants to really look at themselves, flaws and all. The majority of society today is running or trying to escape something or someone, and that person is usually them.

Below is a short, simple list I would tell a younger version of myself if possible, or my kids if I had any. The problem with offering unsolicited advice is very few will listen.

My Dad always told me, “If I don’t listen, I will feel.” What he meant was I’m about to get a whooping. But that small sentence has so much more meaning now, as I age.

We all have our own paths of self-discovery and life lessons. Some are a little better at learning and not repeating painful mistakes; then there are those like me. They keep doing the same thing repeatedly, expecting different results, living a life of insanity.

In a sense, it’s unfortunate life doesn’t come with a playbook. We can’t choose what family we are born into or what hand we are initially dealt in life. All we can do is take what cards we were dealt and make the best hand possible.

Sometimes there are cards we need to rid of our hands to allow new ones to enter to make the best possible hand…



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