7 Important Signs You Know You Are Healing From Narcissistic Abuse

That’s the thing; most won’t unless they pay careful attention.

Chris Freyler
4 min readSep 24, 2022


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For years I thought I was healing. I thought I had it beat; I figured it out! My ex was a distant memory, and I actually found my soul mate this time! This girl was it!

Little did I know, she was more Covert than my previous ex. I had no idea. I believed all her words and didn’t believe her actions. I made excuses for the abuse she was dishing out in enormous amounts, and I couldn’t get enough of it. She told me everything I ever wanted to hear. She soothed every insecurity I ever had; I truly met the one!

Well, the one ended up being married, and the lies didn’t stop there. They kept building and building. And throw in, she fucked my best friend, that’s a true soul mate right there, quite the connection we had.

Below is a list I put together that will truly let you know you are healing. I always thought I was, but I love to talk and don’t take action, just like my ex.

I’m learning, and lesson was excruciating.

Their opinions, approval, or thoughts no longer matter.

There was a time their opinion meant everything to you. You would cross hell and high water to gain their approval. The level of disrespect was astounding, not from them, but the disrespect of yourself. You finally come to your senses and realize the only approval and opinion that matters is your own, not that of a manipulating, lying, abusive asshole.

You care less about what they or who they are “doing” now

The thought of them being with someone else has little to no effect on your emotions. That sick feeling you once had is fading. You begin to see the monster for who they are. You begin to see whoever they are with is just another number as you once were, but you were the lucky one and escaped. There are no “soulmates” in their life. They use and abuse everyone in their path.

You accept this abuse “has” happened but don’t want to change it. It’s the past



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