A Narcissist Doesn’t Miss You, They Miss The Way You Made Them Feel

I know you want to believe them, but it’s best not to.

Chris Freyler
2 min readSep 12, 2022


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Oh…..the wonderful and manipulative “I miss you!”

Don’t get me wrong, some say it and mean it if you are in a loving, respectful relationship. But we know you’re not, so quit bullshitting yourself.

What a manipulative person means by “I miss you” is how you make them feel. The way you play right into the narrative of them not being the piece of shit they are.

  • Did they miss you when they spread their legs for someone else and cheated on you?
  • Did they miss you when they were grooming new clueless fucks to have people on “back-up” to replace you?
  • Did they miss you when they committed acts they knew would hurt you?
  • Did they miss you when you were begging them to respond, but they went radio silent because they had a new ass on the side?

They don’t miss you. They miss how you take their misery away and take it on as your own. That’s what they miss.

  • They miss how easily you are manipulated, and they can abuse you while you put up with it.
  • They miss being able to use you as a human punching bag.
  • They miss being able to twist all their fucked up behavior onto you and make you question if you’re the abuser.
  • They miss how they can build an audience to support them as the victim while, in fact, they are the abuser.

Most people “miss” their own selfish needs. Usually, something you can provide them. Most people don’t know how to miss other than what they are missing in themselves they find in other people.

It has nothing to do with the good person you are.

They don’t know how to handle someone that treats them well. They subconsciously don’t want it and feel they don’t deserve it.

So they fuck it up.

They miss how you made them feel. That’s it.

Plain and simple. But you can twist it any way you like.



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