A Simple Story of Being Unmarried and Living Alone

Life sure is easier this way at times.

Chris Freyler


Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash

Carl is a 47-year-old divorcee. He lives alone in his 400 sq ft studio in a Midwestern city. He has lived there going on 4 years now.

He watches what he wants at night on TV. If he doesn’t want to watch TV, he can read, write or go for a walk at his leisure.

His dinners consist of whatever he wants and what time he wants to eat it. If he wants to take a trip, he takes it. When he’s ready for bed, he goes to bed. And when he wants to wake up, he wakes up.

He doesn’t have to check in with anyone about his whereabouts. He never has to ask permission to do activities or explain his choices and decisions throughout the week. He’s no longer on high alert to who, or why his partner is talking to other men.

The only person and feelings he has to worry about are his. Life seems more easy going that way.

Being married is overrated, in Carl’s opinion.

Living alone and being OK with it is a superpower many never experience. Carl was lucky enough to seek the unknown. By unknown, he means not chasing what society conditions you to chase.

Carl says the happiest you will ever be is alone. Until you are happy alone, people, places, and things are only a distraction from the bigger picture in life.

They can’t make you happy other than temporarily.

Seek a life like Carl, and seek less of what society has conditioned you to believe.



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