A Woman Gave Birth 7 Months Ago And Doesn’t Want to Be a Mother Anymore

She asked what she can do. This is what I told her.

Chris Freyler
2 min readSep 13


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Do what half the US seems to do. Just forget about the little bastard. Treat it like the worthless fuck you think it is and only worry about yourself. Or You can throw it off on grandma or a sibling. They don’t have anything better to do than raise your responsibility.

By no means should you be required to take responsibility for your irresponsibility. That’s not fair is it? Bring a human life in the world that didn’t ask to be here only to make “it” someone else's responsibility.

The kid can sense it isn’t wanted. Doesn’t matter if you keep it or not. They’re fucked.

I mean, you made the choice to spread your legs and bring a child in that had no choice who their mom would be. So fuck it, just live your life selfishly. Don’t take any responsibility, and don’t worry about it.

The kid will figure it out.

Hell, give it away to the state. They always do a good job raising kids. These State run facilities are the best in the business! Hurry!

You could let them be a foster kid hopping from home to home searching for something you can’t give yourself or them. You know? Stability, love and a safe environment.

Since you don’t want to be a Mom no more stop fucking. Either that or be like a animal and go get fixed, because that’s what you are.

Harsh? Yea, probably. But everyone’s afraid to speak the truth on this bullshit even if this answer is real.

People need to quit having kids when they can’t figure their own shit out. Stop having kids so they are left to deal with your traumas as being raised by you as a parent.

People that are having kids shouldn’t, and those that don’t should.

Trauma, its what’s wrong with the world and everyone is blind to it.

Take your blinders off.



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