Can a Therapist Really Help You Recover From Narcissist Abuse?

They will give you the tools but you have to do the work.

Chris Freyler


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I’m a firm believer they can’t. You can have the best therapy in the world and if you never accept your reality in the abuse you will stay forever stuck.

I know it’s not what you want to hear, but I believe it’s true. It’s what I need to hear but don’t believe.

Your best bet is to find a therapist that has been through the abuse of a Cluster B. After you find that therapist, make sure they are qualified. After that, make sure they are aware and committed to you and will be there when you are ready to fucking crack. Because you will keep going down that never ending rabbit hole of “hope!” You want a therapist to call you on your bullshit and spit the truth. Even when you can’t fathom to hear it.

The truth is painful but does set you free.

Make sure they don’t rush the process. Make sure they really understand what it’s like to be trauma bonded to the very person that is so fucking mean to you, but you crave their very touch. It’s so fucking brutal, I know. I’m going through this bullshit once again!

Make sure they stay focused on the real problem, YOU.

You will want to talk about the abuse the Narcissist dishes out, but that won’t help long term. Short term it gives you the validation you need, but long term it will be your fucking death trap.

A good therapist will see this and call you on your bullshit and set boundaries with you. If you aren’t up for the challenge, they will tell you to quit wasting your time and theirs. There are others they could be helping.

So what was it it you wanted from a therapist again? They can guide you but not save you.

Are you ready for that?



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