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Do Narcissist Ruin All Their Partners?

In my opinion, they start the ball rolling down to self-sabotage.

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If you are unlucky enough to “stick by your man/woman” while they promise the moon, after lying, cheating, and manipulating you will self-destruct.

I believe gaslighting is single-handing the worse form of emotional abuse. It will quickly lead you down the rabbit hole of self-doubt and mind fuckery.

Toxic partners only ruin what you allow

I understand the manipulation of being duped, love bombed, adored, and told you are the perfect partner, right?!

Then after some time, you begin to think, “what the sam fuck is going on here?!”

The minute you show them you accept their manipulative behavior, you begin the fall into the eternal abyss of self-destruction.

They painstakingly show you every insecurity, lack of self-respect, character defect and lack of self-love you’ve bottled up all these years. They so delicately dump them all in your lap.

Even if you were a healthy, self-confident person before you met them, they very well could push you to the brink of submission if you allow it.

We need to educate others and share our experience in manipulative relationships

Noticing initial Red Flags, in the beginning, can save many! But you won’t know a red flag unless you know what they are. You have to experience them, or do enough research to become aware.

So, Do they ruin their partners? Yes and no. They will destroy you if you let them. Or you can look at it as a blessing in disguise. Accept it, push through it, grow from it and help stop others from repeating your lesson.

Knowing, when you make it, there is nothing that you can’t handle.



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