Don’t Forget This Important Value Most Relationships Lack

No relationship will survive without it.

Chris Freyler
2 min readSep 14


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Amy walked in from a days work looking beat the hell down. Carl knew this look. He and Amy have been together for over 24 years! They raised 2 kids that are already on their own.

She walked through the kitchen and was heading upstairs to change. Carl reached out and lightly grabbed her thumb on her right hand and spun her around.

He brought her head in against his chest and put one hand on the small of her back and the other across her shoulder blades.

He applied a slight pressure, took a deep breathe, slowly exhaled and held her. He then lightly kissed the top of her head and slowly slid his hands down her body as she pulled away and kissed her on the lips.

She mouthed “thank you.”

Let me know what you need, Carl said, as he turned around and started preparing dinner as Amy went upstairs to change.

As Carl was cooking dinner his text beeped. It was Amy.

“Sweetie, I just wanted to thank you for knowing what I need in times when I don’t know myself. I love you. I’ll be down in a minute.”

Amy returned to help making dinner. They sat in silence, by silence I mean no TV, no phones, no chaos from the outside world, nothing, and talked.

Communication is most valuable.

And the kicker? Sometimes it has nothing to do with words.



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