Don’t Let “Claps”Determine Your Worth as a Writer

Chris Freyler
4 min readNov 8, 2021

Especially when you are first beginning

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You just completed the perfect article, and you LOVE IT! You spent three hours crafting this beautiful piece of passion! You are excited to publish it and can’t wait. Should you self-publish or go the Publication route? What time is the optimal time to publish? What should your tags be?

All of these questions are running through your mind! You decide to sleep on it, but you can’t sleep, so you open the laptop again and read the article one more time, checking for any flaws. It’s perfect!

You start to get discouraged and wonder, “does my writing suck?” You’ve been writing for months on Medium, but the stats just aren’t there. “Does my writing suck?”

I’m here to tell you it might, but it might NOT either! Have you had success in the past, or is this a new adventure you are on? That’s an important question. Another important point is knowing it takes time, and more than anything, you have to be consistent.

I started over at Quora about a year ago. I was horrible! I still think I’m awful, but my stats say otherwise. I have just shy of 11,000 followers and 32+ million views on 470 answers written on Quora. When I first started there, I would ask questions due to the horrible relationship I was in. Then I thought, “Let me answer some questions; I NEED validation that I’m not insane like I feel in this relationship!”

So, I started answering, and the response was tremendous! I was told I have a way of explaining Narcissist Abuse that others experience but can’t put into words. That gave me goosebumps! And it lit a fire under my ass. I started sharing more and more of my life experiences, and more and more were relating to me. I’ve made some great friends there and learned more about myself in the last year than in my previous 45 years of life. It’s been an amazing, incredible, but painful ride!

Then it happened!

I started basing my worth on how many “views” and “likes” I got. It was no different than what I was doing with the girl who was abusing me. I put all my self-worth dependent on how she treated me, and it was like shit! Total utter garbage!

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