Have you ever thought, “What makes a Narcissist love someone?”

Chris Freyler
1 min readJun 29, 2021

1. Boundaries: The partner they found lacks or has no boundaries for their lying, manipulating, deceitful ways.

2 Caring: If the person is a kind, and a caring soul. They will latch on to you like white on rice. They will suck the soul out of you.

3. History of past abuse: Generally traumatic childhoods lead to the same in adulthood. Narcissist can sniff out the damaged miles away.

4. Putting them on a pedestal: Narcissit loved to be told how great they are and how everyone else is the problem not them.

5. Believing their lies: Anyone that allows them to lie, cheat, physically assault, Gaslight, manipulate and still keeps them on the pedestal, look out! They will dig in deep.

6. Won’t question them: Keep your mouth shut, and believe the gaslighting I am inflicting! Yep, they LOVE that.

Chris Freyler

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