How Accepting Your Toxic Side of a Narcissistic Relationship Sets You Free

People don’t want to hear it, but you were toxic long before you were with them.

Chris Freyler
2 min readJul 24, 2022


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Hear me out.

If you were with them past the “love bombing” stage, go look at yourself in the mirror! Do it!

Say you’re sorry; to yourself, not them.

Because more than likely, you knew something was fucking off. And if you didn’t think it was off, someone in your friend group or family did. And if they didn’t, and said “Finally! You deserve this! They are perfect for you!” Then your friend or family member is more clueless than you.

I’m just being blunt and honest. That’s what it takes to break free from these assholes; trust me, I know!

They show you every toxic trait and trauma you ever had in your life and lay it nicely in your lap. Whether you want it or not, they leave it there. All of it, crumbs and all!

Then they generally walk off repeatedly with someone else but keep coming back to “set the table,” so to speak, while you are the eager “eater.”

Stop eating their bullshit and start owning yours.


Yea, it is. But that’s what it takes to get over one of these soul-sucking cock suckers. If you don’t believe me keep “eating” their bullshit.

You don’t want to repeat this madness, do you?

Neither do I.

Become “un-toxic,” and you’re free.

You got this.



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