How Being Friends with a Narcissist After a Break-Up Screams Insecurity

They are friends with all their ex, but you!

Chris Freyler


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Fuck! You had yet another argument! Fuck this shit; you are gone this time!

You are sick of having your words twisted and used against you. Every time you try and explain yourself, you are left battered and confused, questioning what the hell the issue was you wanted to address!

You finally muster the courage to tell them, “You need a break.” I mean, who doesn’t? How can anyone have a long-term relationship with someone of this magnitude? You politely ask for some space to gather your thoughts.

Unfortunately, your request is met with anger. Not only anger but with a barrage of questioning why you are doing this to them?! They know you are the “one!” They knew it from the minute they met you. Everything you liked, they liked, they couldn’t believe they finally found you! And now you are pulling this shit!

You have never felt this strong connection with someone in your life, and god damn, it feels good! Right? You have never experienced anything like it. You love it but are questioning your ever-loving mind at the same time. You are persistent; you know you need some space to sort out the intensity of this relationship.

After a few days, you contact them and tell them you aren’t interested.

Wait! What the fuck are you talking about? I love goats; you love goats! I love fun socks; you love fun socks! And fuck! You make me laugh! I love the way you make me laugh. And god damn that fucking hug, damn that hug! I have never felt that kind of hug from anyone! And the kiss! It melts my lips! Why are you doing this!?

I’m sorry, I can’t. I need to work on myself more before I commit to a relationship.

I have never had someone leave me high and dry like this. But wait! I am friends with all my ex. Can we at least be friends?

No, I’m sorry, I can’t.

I have a friend that has a friend. He told me how you treated his friend. I know his friend has issues, but he didn’t deserve any of the cheating, lies, or manipulation you dished out. It was some pretty horrific shit from what he told me.

But wait! I can explain!

Explain what? How do you explain sucking off his best friend when he told you he needed a little space to sort some stuff out? How do you explain being married and telling him you were divorced the same month and year he was?

How do you explain lying and cheating?

You’re right; I’m sorry. My other ex wasn’t as aware as he was. I wanted to show him I would be different.

Different from what?

My destructive ways.



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