How do You Describe Narcissists Abuse to Someone?

It’s gonna be tough, but this will help.

Chris Freyler


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That’s the problem, you can’t. I mean, you can try, but it won’t do it justice.

“Everyone” says they have dated narcissists nowadays. But really? This isn’t a relationship you end quickly.

Someone has to experience it to understand it, and even after experiencing it, you can’t explain it.

Because the level of insanity you try to explain isn’t understandable to the untraumatized mind.

The worst question you can ask a victim of this type of abuse is, “Why don’t you just leave?”

The person who asked doesn’t understand just how stupid that question sounds in our delusion of what we think is love, but is actually a trauma bond.

No one would willingly choose one of these assholes. Maybe you’ve dated a couple, and that will get others questioning you more about “what the fuck you are doing? “

And that’s a legit question because victims, in reality, have no idea what the fuck they are doing.

They are so focused on the narcissists they refuse to look at their own traumas and themselves, which are keeping them stuck or attracting these ass wipes.

The best way I can explain the trauma bond/ abuse many can’t understand is this;

Imagine having cancer. I mean, death is right around the corner, but there is hope if you follow a treatment regimen.

This medicine appears “great” from the outside looking in, but after you dig a little deeper, you see there are significant side effects with this “pill.”

Some of the side effects are worse than death itself if you choose it.

The pain is so bad you are willing to take that risk.

You take that fucking pill in hopes of a bit of relief. You throw logic and knowledge out the window, you are suffering, and you need something to take the “edge” off.

You take the pill. It’s the miracle you hoped for! The symptoms…



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