How Does a Borderline Treat You Different Than a Narcissists

Really, it depends on how you treat them.

Chris Freyler
3 min readSep 24


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Are they aware? Treated? Untreated? Are you a narcissists? Are you an abusive prick?

If you abuse, manipulate, betray and treat them like hell. I’m sorry. No, really I am. You bit off more than you can chew. They will punish you for mistreating them. It won’t be pretty.

Their heightened senses can make you feel a euphoric blissful state, or one that will make you question their sanity and yours.

But who isn’t in for a little borderline excitement??

There are so many things that determine how they will treat you. But in the end, an unaware borderline will hurt, I’m not shitting. It’s gonna sting a little. The little cute quirks in the beginning are now a bit much.

You will wonder how they got attached so quickly, and you too! You will wonder why the fuck do they question everything? They’re like that curious kid, testing you.

But this is a catch 22.

If you give them a reason to question you it will get ugly fast. If you give them no reason to not trust you it will be a slow bleed. You will fade in and out of consciousness trying to understand where their crazy thoughts are coming from.

You’re doing nothing wrong!

Remember what I said about their heightened senses? Oh yea, they feel shit. They know before you know. It’s how they survived their abusive ass childhood.

You have to be consistent with them, if you get home at 5pm regularly, be there ass wipe. If you’re 5 mins late you best call and walk them through it, or have a good excuse.

They will think your going to leave them all the time, but in the end, they will make sure you do.

But wait!

They are fun as hell!

They have a charisma about them most don’t. They are exciting. And they might be really good in the sack too! Their sense of adventure will leave you wanting more.

You will want to know more and more about this person until you don’t. What stared in an epic state of…



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