Chris Freyler
1 min readJul 22, 2021

How does one discover their true self?

Nothing grows in the Garden of Comfort.

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My opinion won’t be a popular one, but here’s the hidden gem.

What you do, is you date a real toxic asshole.
I’m talking about a person so mean to you; it makes you question your sanity, self-worth, and reality.

When you think you can’t take anymore, they will probably get rid of you, or maybe you dare to be the one to end it.

They will have completely broke you down, but in reality, you broke yourself by staying.

Here is where the gem lies.

Sit with yourself, journal, read, do therapy, exercise, nourish yourself physically and mentally.

DON’T jump into another relationship!

Learn about yourself, study your past relationship(intimate, family, and friends), histories, hobbies, likes, dislikes, character defects, all the good and the bad.

Dig in and get dirty.

Once you push through the other side, you will be able to breathe, and there lies the gem.

Instead of hate, you will find gratitude for all life lessons as you begin to find your “true self.”

No hate, no love, indifference.

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