How to Start Living and Stop Caring What People Think About You

One of the greatest superpowers is living a life that brings you happiness no matter what anyone says.

Chris Freyler
3 min readJun 21, 2022


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I’m learning to keep my mouth shut. I’ve always been a big talker and no action. It’s no wonder many people in my family never believe anything I say. I have good intentions, but when my choices fall short of my expectations, it drastically impacts my self-worth, especially if I’m out broadcasting them to everyone.

I’m learning in me doing that I am nothing but seeking others’ approval in an unhealthy way. My goals and life path most likely won’t align with others. And when that happens, most will judge you for your choices. And for a person like myself, who is working on their self-worth, it can be damaging.

I’ve made a habit of telling people what I intend to do. It could be in general life or goals I plan to set for myself. I am setting myself up for failure, and I guess I’m subconsciously looking for outside approval.

Many people believe if you do something outside the norm or something that sounds outlandish, they will project their opinions onto you. Or maybe they throw in a backhanded compliment demeaning your goal because it’s outside the societal norm.

Realistic goals can seem very unrealistic until someone pulls them off, right?

I have many goals I want to accomplish, but I get overwhelmed and try to do them all at once, pick the most difficult one, and then give up. I keep running in circles, starting back at the beginning only to repeat the cycle once again. And with each repeat, my goals get further and further away as my time on earth isn’t infinite.

So many live in fear and self-doubt. They constantly worry about what others will think about them. That’s why it’s best to be a silent achiever. Let your actions show what direction you are headed. I don’t owe anyone an explanation for how I live my life. I don’t have kids, and I’m not married. It’s just me. And me explaining myself all the time screams “insecurities.”

If your life is full of toxic people, they will make you feel you owe them an explanation for…



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