How Toxic People Show Their True Character With Actions, Not Words

Once you are aware actions are everything and words mean nothing.

Chris Freyler


Photo by James Frewin on Unsplash

It was a brisk morning on February 23rd, 2018. I had just finished driving the day before and was tired.

Earlier the previous day, my girlfriend at the time and I argued. Well, not really an argument, but uneasiness. We’d been dating for two months.

She contacted me in a dramatic fashion as usual. Her yard was a mess, and her neighbor who was selling his house-made comments about it. He blamed his house for not selling on her disaster of a yard.

She contacts me in a panic. I couldn’t help myself; I snapped. I was already tired of all the drama she brought to every situation.

She ended up hanging up on me.

I called her back and offered to come and help clean her yard with her.

I “thought” she was newly divorced and trying to figure shit out. So I chalked it up as that and offered help.

She was very cold towards me and told me NO! She hung up on me, saying she could do the yard herself.

I let her be.

I got home that night, went for a walk, and sent her a text. It went unanswered. I didn’t think…



Chris Freyler

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