I Wish I Could Write to the “Societal Norm” Level

I can’t even attempt it; I’m not that guy.

Chris Freyler


Seems my writing may have “jumped the shark.” Not all of my writing, but at least my writing which doesn’t focus on manipulative ass relationships that are destroyed by Narcissism. Narcissism is running rampant worldwide, and it is getting more and more exposure with each “issue” that arises that could be considered a “societal norm.”


I’ve taken what I consider a “crash” course in the writing world. If you focus on one topic, you will slowly fade out. Not only “fade out,” but after you have moved on from that point in your life, you are doing nothing but reliving something that doesn’t need to keep being relived. While you can continue to build a following, it won’t be as quick if you “diversify.”

I am slowly going that route. But the audience I am trying to reach doesn’t exist on the platform I am using. Does that make sense?

So variety is a must, but my writing style isn’t for everyone. I know I can write, but I am putting my “new” topics on the wrong platforms, apparently.

Societal norm

If you don’t know what “societal norm” is, it’s topics that most people gravitate to and support. At the same time, many are afraid to have a voice for fear of being judged or crucified for having a different opinion.

I’m quickly learning if you express a difference of opinion from the platform you choose as your “home base,” you will quickly be “algorithmfied” right out of the algorithm. And possibly censored.

Makes sense to me.

You will be welcomed with open arms if you believe the media and your politicians. And make sure you self-sacrifice or you will have every “Karen” in the society calling you inconsiderate and stupid.

Freedom of speech

It simply doesn’t exist anymore. I mean, it does; just be careful with what you share and where. You will quickly be labeled if you share it at the wrong place or with the wrong people. Hell, you will be name called and ridiculed until you bow down and submit to the almighty and get back on the “train” of the societal norm.



Chris Freyler

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