Is Having Borderline Personality Disorder Worse Than Bi-Polar?

There are a lot of misdiagnosis's that’s your first step of caution.

Chris Freyler


I believe Borderline Personality Disorder is hands down the worst o

f all worst to suffer from. Especially if you are aware to what is going on, at least at first. Eventually your awareness will turn into your torture chamber.

With Borderline all personal relationships are easily shattered with distorted, and irrational emotions. What makes sense one minute will turn into their confusion the next.

They want close, human connection, but when they have a chance. they quickly push the person away.

To be honest, there aren’t many emotionally stable people in the world any longer, that in return, is the borderlines biggest nightmare. Borderlines thrive on stability in their unstable mind. Unfortunately it’s what leads them to Narcissists to deliver the abuse they are comfortable with.

Borderline Personality Disorder is already widely misunderstood, add in other mental health issues from the masses, and interactions with others will seem impossible for the borderline.

Isolation seems like the only viable option.

Borderlines get attached quickly, and believe that attachment they developed in a very short time, is love, and it’s not. It’s an illusion, not a delusion, big difference.

It makes the borderline feel something they crave they can’t give themselves, and that craving is acceptance.

Borderlines whole sense of self rely on the judgment, and opinion of others. Their world revolves around acceptance and approval of others.

They’re on top of the world when their adventure, excitement and overall outgoing(at times) personality shines in the room. They are everyone’s favorite person until they aren’t. It’s when they “aren’t” is when their world comes crashing down.

When they feel the least bit criticized, ignored, abandoned, or in their mind, not accepted, or ridiculed, they can fall in a deep sense of self deprecation, and depression. And…



Chris Freyler

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