Is it Possible to Live a Happy Life With No Good Friends?

While alone time is good, isolation isn’t.

Chris Freyler
2 min readJun 3


I used to think people could. But I don’t buy all the hype about the power of being alone, at least long term.

There are studies that show you will live longer with human interaction, and good friends. The issues arise when you pick the wrong people to interact with, as most often do.

2–3 solid friends are precisely what the doctor ordered. Now, these friends might rotate, disappear, come in and out of your life, or any other combination of things. Good friends come and go just as bad ones do.

I believe the key to happiness is finding people on a similar path who can learn something. Some might be long-term, some short-term, and others a lifetime. You just never know.

But if you buy into the hype of being “alone” as the only way to go, it could get pretty lonely and miserable as you start getting more and more comfortable there.

I love meeting new people, places, and things and exploring.

Before my trip to Colombia, I was beginning to isolate myself, and not in a good way. I’ve spent enough time “alone.” There is no more work to be done in that head space.

Now it’s time to get out, meet people, explore new places, and let all the “new” things be my guide to the next chapter in my life.

Is it scary? Fuck yeah, it is; I second-guess myself all the time.

I need to learn to trust myself. That’s where most of my issues come from, living with the consequences of my choices.

I have to accept I’m gonna fuck up. But owning my fuck ups and not ruminating about them is where growth starts.

Be alone, be VERY alone. You will go to and see some very dark shit. But once you’ve had enough, slam that fucking door and throw away the key. NEVER looking back unless forced to.

The secret is not to go back. Instead, take the lesson and run with it. Let others guide you while staying aware, but don’t let fear guide you.

Fear doesn’t have your best interest.

Vulnerability does.



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