No, The Narcissists Doesn’t Love you. They Don’t Even Like You

Here is a little bit of what a Narcissists “likes.”

Chris Freyler
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That’s the biggest misconception about Narcissist abuse. They never “like” you. I mean, they think they “like” you. You want them to “like you,” but they never like you. Hell, it even feels like they “like” you. .

Get my drift?

  • They like the way you make them feel.
  • They really like the pedestal you put them on.
  • They like the way you tolerate their bullshit.
  • They like how you believe all their lies and give them the benefit of the doubt.
  • They like how they can make you compete for their attention when they purposely give it to someone else.
  • They like how they can cheat, and you are the first to come running back.
  • They like the way you worship them.
  • They like the way you drop everything and everyone for them.
  • They like how caring you are.
  • They like the little things you do to show them you love them.
  • They like how you think so little of yourself but think the world of them.
  • They like your reactions to their abuse, so they can blame you and play the victim.
  • They like to get you in a complete melt-down mode, so you lose track of reality and yourself.
  • They like to confuse the fuck out of you so they can keep you on the never-ending tail of self-doubt.
  • They like how you chase them even though they are abusing you.
  • They like how you start taking the blame and tell them what you will work on while they work on nothing.
  • They like how you believe them when they say they aren’t talking to anyone else, but they have a never-ending string of ass on the side.

In the end, they “tolerate” you, is what they do. I know it hurts. You are no different than the other 1000 that will pass through their life. You will be fine if you don’t share feelings or tell them they hurt you. And definitely don’t tell them what you really think of them. Because before too long, you will hate that asshole but crave them simultaneously.

And eventually, that imaginary “like” you think they have for you will turn to hate and more manipulation. They fucked up again and gave you a glimpse of the monster they really are. Now, they will go to any measure necessary to protect their image from here on out.

Buckle up.

The fun is just beginning.



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