One Simple Issue That Can Cause a Major Problem in Your Relationship

There are many, but this one many never consider.

Chris Freyler


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Well, we have the more important things like betrayal and cheating. There is nothing little about that. That will definitely cause major problems.

Something that was just brought to my attention I didn’t think about is “parenting” your partner and not dating them.

I have a terrible habit of taking the role of a parent in relationships. I like to tell my partner what is best for them and how to achieve what I want them to be.

The parenting role usually takes place in highly dysfunctional relationships. Where there is a fixer and someone that subconsciously wants to be fixed. So, they subconsciously find one another, and the merry-go-round starts.

Nothing is more annoying than being repeatedly corrected by your partner on what you should and shouldn’t be doing.

Let them go if you can’t accept your partner “as is,” flaws and all. You can be there to support them, but playing a “parent” figure will be the relationship’s slow, miserable death.

It’s important to not confuse abuse with acceptance, but let your partner find their way through life while you are on the sideline, cheering them on the journey. And hopefully, they will do the same for you.

It’s easier to run the marathon of life together, supporting one another along the way. Some days you will be the rock, and some days they will.

Remember, support them, but don’t parent them.

No one likes to be told what to do. Because that’s how we learn, one mistake at a time.



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