One Simple Reason You Unknowingly Stay With a Narcissist for Years

It’s common in other relationships, too, not just Narcissistic.

Chris Freyler


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I guarantee you realized it. There’s this thing called “denial” many are consumed within every aspect of their life. It’s more comforting to live in denial than face the truth.

You may not have known anything about Narcissism, but you probably knew something was off. You’ve conditioned yourself to ignore all the red flags presented early in the relationship.

A person from a semi-healthy childhood and mentally healthy would see the flags in the beginning, no matter how covert. Unfortunately, we are conditioned to find our “one” in life. And if you have been searching and were just about to give up, “BOOM!” Mr. Wonderful appears right before your eyes, and the rose-colored glasses are on right then and there.

Many would sense that something was off and keep their distance to evaluate the relationship before committing and becoming attached. But then there are the unfortunate that give them the benefit of the doubt and believe every story.

Many will fall through the cracks of manipulation and get attached to the manipulator.

Then you spend years waiting for change while you lose touch with yourself and your reality and adopt that of the Narcissist.

Friends and family say you have changed while you don’t see it, but they do. Nothing will make sense to you anymore. You lose ambition and drive, and you unknowingly go through the motions of life until you wake up 10 years later and decide to google:

What is wrong with my man?

Your whole world falls apart with that question, but it all makes sense. You feel lost and hopeless and don’t know where to turn. So you stay in “it.” It’s all you know; you are bonded to the very abuse you need to escape.

Because you don’t know any other way.

Denial. It’s a helluva of a drug to find. And when you find it, you don’t even know you’re on it, let alone have an addiction.

I’m sorry.



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