One Thing Hollywood Movies Have All Wrong

They have a skewed view of what relationships are actually like.

Chris Freyler
2 min readJun 5


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That fairytale ending doesn’t always have a happy ending. Actually, it rarely does.

“When Harry meets, Sally” doesn’t exist. Two people don’t happen to stumble into each other’s lives at the perfect time when shit is falling apart in their lives. It’s usually when you find a more covert type of abuser. Not the ideal partner.

I wish movies really showed the horrific screenplay of what relationships are really like. Instead, they only show the honeymoon phase, followed by a few unfortunate situations and two people that end up happily ever after. I’m sorry, but that shit doesn’t exist.

Sure, show the “honeymoon” phase, but make sure to show what follows. Show all the lying, cheating, and betrayal. Show the ups and downs of trust. Show the dysfunction and unhappiness most relationships are, but hide.

Cynical, yep, that’s life. Everyone loves a good “Ram-Dram,” Unfortunately, reality doesn’t exist in Hollywood.

We need movies that show reality and not fiction. Yea, good relationships exist, but they are nothing like in the movies. And they are a rarity. It takes a lot to have a “good” relationship.

If you’re chasing a movie-type romance, you best have a good pair of running shoes.

You’re gonna need them.



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