One Unexpected Way Narcissist Abuse Can Affect Future Relationships

If you, do it right, it should be great for future relationships.

Chris Freyler


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Now, if you went and ran and jumped into another relationship shortly after or didn’t do any self-work, look for history to repeat itself! If you don’t think it will try it.

The relationships will get more and more toxic.

Not just with Narcissistic relationships but dysfunctional relationships in general. Look around at social media and your friends who continually date and bitch about each new person they find after a few months. Then, what do they do after it ends? They are off to the races in search of the next prince charming!

Shit doesn’t work like that. People are so God damn scared to be alone that they either settle or jump from one “honeymoon phase” to the next; it’s exhausting from just what I hear, it’s not for me.

Once you genuinely break away from a Narcissistic relationship (if, in fact, that’s what it was) and you work on yourself, you will notice a whole new quality of people come into your life and the quality that you didn’t want, disappear. It’s pure magic!

I’ve written on betrayal, lies, manipulations, toxicity, Narcissism, Trauma Bond, Cognitive Dissonance, Psychology, Relationships, and a whole other slew of things for the last two years. While it felt like I was beating a dead horse at times, it was what I needed to do.

I’m still stumbling around trying to figure shit out, but I am closer than I was two years ago.

Something drastic changed this last time; I know the Trauma Bond broke.

Meredith Miller from Inner Integration told me when it breaks, you will know, and I knew that day. It was the weirdest fucking feeling, I can’t explain.

And some crazy things have been happening since then. People who pick me up and don’t lie and manipulate me. I am far from where I want to be, but I am finally headed in the right direction while putting the right people in my “tribe.”

But they also call me on my bullshit. Being called on your shit by people that genuinely have your best interest is so much different than coming from someone that…



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