Stop Listening to The Person That Abuses You

Chris Freyler
4 min readSep 22, 2021

Life with a Narcissist will have you seeking approval from the very person dishing out the abuse

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“Get the fuck out of my car; you make my blood boil!”

“People like you are the scum of the earth. What you write speaks poorly of me.”

“I’m not going to stop talking to him until we are stable, plus he’s just a friend.”

“No one of purpose writes on Quora or Medium, and you are just looking for attention that you so desperately need.”

There is so much more than the above. I’ve spent the last two years trying to convince someone to like me, and I exhausted myself trying to prove that I am worthy and a good person — nothing I do or say ever changed anything.

I would spend hours talking in a circle to her, trying to make her “understand” my feelings. Little did I know, it was all a waste of time. She doesn’t care about any feeling I have unless there is a way she can flip it and manipulate it to benefit her somehow.

If she was nice to me, she wanted something. But more times than not, it’s because she didn’t have anyone to fall back on. She will use anyone she can; she doesn’t give a shit. I could not have a need or a feeling without her flipping the script on me. She talked so poorly of Quora and Medium, and now she believes she is some famed author that deserves praise here.

I would support the very person that would abuse the hell out of me!

Cheat on me; it’s OK, I understand!

Lie to me, and I get it. You said you were in an abusive marriage!

Manipulate me, I try and understand, but it was torturing me mentally.

I wanted nothing more than her to validate me, and I would go through the depths of hell to seek it, but it would always backfire on me. She is not confident and is very insecure, and she confuses arrogance with confidence. She walks around…



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