Studies Show Cheating Can Cause PTSD, And is Comparable to Losing a Child

Many think they know what they’d do if it happened to you, but you don’t.

Chris Freyler


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Studies show you will go through the five stages of grief if you are unfortunate enough to experience betrayal in a relationship.

You may think you’ll be able to handle it “if” it happens. You may “think” you will say fuck that mother fucker, I’m gone! I deserve better.

Shirley Glass noted that the hurt partner often suffers from a PTSD reaction following an affair’s discovery. According to Drs. John and Julie Gottman, if the below symptoms persist, then the chances are that the hurt partner is experiencing PTSD.

I think many try to walk themselves mentally through it in conversations with friends if it ever happens. You tell your friends that you wouldn’t put up with a cheater, and you’d end it immediately!

While some might be able to do it, most sing a different tune when it happens.

It’s a horrible feeling putting it mildly. People that cheat are the most selfish people on earth. And no, there’s no excuse for it, so get over yourself.

You cheat because you are a selfish person with no morals. You are a person who was too self-absorbed to either leave the person before doing it or communicate with your partner what was going on.

Oh yea, sorry, you had a “few” drinks, and “it” just happened. This is just an excuse for a poor decision with dire consquences.

If you have any insecurities in yourself, they were just magnified by 1000. If you thought you had found the “right” person, your self-doubt and trust just flew out the window.

If you truly, really, loved this person, then you are trying to think of ways to try harder to show them you can do better. It’s crazy thinking, I know.

It really messes with your psyche.

What does it feel like? HORRIBLE, that is what it feels like. As if someone punched you in the gut, especially if you catch them in the act.

You begin to question many things, and your choices are one of them.

Many will fight to save something that isn’t worth saving until the very end.

The kicker?

You won’t realize just what little worth this person had for you until you get away from them.

Once you get away and see the selfish partner for what they are? Well, that feeling is priceless.

I recommend you do that sooner rather than later.

Because they aren’t worth it, but you are.

Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

That’s what it feels like.



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