There is a Reason so Many are Self-Diagnosing Their Partner as Narcissist

It appears to be a pandemic of epic proportion.

Chris Freyler


Photo by Diane Picchiottino on Unsplash

I think they stumble upon self-diagnosis because they exhaustively research what in the Sam hell is going on. What am I dealing with here?

A Narcissistic relationship experience can’t be understood unless you are the unfortunate one to live it. Hell, they don’t need to have a diagnosis. Narcissistic traits can wreak havoc on someone’s mind, body and soul. I believe teaching the warning signs of Narcissistic Abuse should be a requirement in schools worldwide! But that will never happen because the ones in power are the exact people I write about. We live in a society run by these monsters.

It is torturous and painful to deal with one of these individuals.

So, what do we do?

We start researching and researching. We spend every waking hour researching, “what is wrong with my man?” We know something is off, but we can’t pinpoint it. We find sites like Quora or Reddit and start reading and reading.

The more you read, you have the “light bulb” moment! Holy hell! I might be dating a Narcissist! Then you begin to dig deeper. You begin to watch YouTube videos for hours. You might even fall asleep to one of the experts in the Narcissist Abuse field. You will replay video after video listening to the similarities.

Everything they are saying is like it was directed at you! You can’t believe the similarities. By the end of your research, you had no idea you would stumble into a Ph.D. you had no interest in obtaining. But your Ph.D. isn’t that of the norm, and you become obsessed with the delusion this person lives.

Giving it a label is what some may need to finally start putting their sanity and “their” reality back together. I know, I’m not too fond of labels. I am always telling myself, “if I just knew for sure!” That’s the thing; there is no certainty. If a person is abusive, BELIEVE them, don’t spend hours and hours researching what the hell is wrong with them. You know something is wrong! If there wasn’t you wouldn’t be spending hours researching it.



Chris Freyler

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