What Is The Saddest Truth About Life?

Chris Freyler
2 min readAug 6, 2021

Most people spend their whole life trying to conform to societal or family “norms.”

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I know, I was that person. And I still am to an extent.

  • If I made a Division 1 Football team as a walk-on never playing High School.
  • If I owned my own business.
  • If I had a gorgeous wife.
  • If I could travel on a whim.
  • If I made $500K a year.

All the above came true, and the happiness was temporary because I was doing it for other reasons than my passions or purpose. It was all accomplished on a very superficial level.

I was living a life of delusion, not one of reality, or purpose.

I’ve had a lot happen to me the past 3 years. Some really eye-opening events, situations and relationships.

I’m slowly learning “my” life, is my life. Not everyone will agree with it, hell, most won’t for that matter. It doesn’t matter what others think, what matters is what I think.

I repeatedly chased the one person that started this path of beautiful destruction. I had to meet her, had I not, who knows what path I would be on. That relationship was/is still VERY painful, but a lesson I needed to learn.

Without it, I’d still be chasing what other’s want, and not what I want. I’m learning, I’m just a little late to the game.

I’m still not sure what I “want” but I know its not what I had. There is truth to that, but it’s not sad, it’s a blessing.

· Most people won’t meet their true potential.

· Rarely will you find true love.

· Most get stuck in performing mundane task, job, family, environment, etc.

· Very few will step outside their “comfort zone”

· Money, “things” and status doesn’t matter in the end.

· Everyone is in search of something, and what they should be searching for is their authentic self.

· The one you love the most, can end up hurting you the worse.

· Money can’t buy health or love. It buys options.

· Most will become a puppet or mirror of how they were told to live their life. Following their parents dreams, not theirs.

· Everyone has the power to change, and create self-awareness. But very few take the painful challenge

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