What Lessons Did You Learn From Being Trauma Bonded to a Narcissist?

Chris Freyler
1 min readOct 17, 2021

The lessons are there if you pay attention

  1. You develop a “love” for someone you will be forced to hate.
  2. You will confuse “love” with abuse. You will have no boundaries.
  3. The chemical bond the trauma bond creates is as addictive as heroin.
  4. You will crave the very person you despise.
  5. Cognitive dissonance(the good/bad pull) is what creates the trauma bond.
  6. Trauma bonds won’t break until the Cognitive Dissonance breaks.
  7. You end up chasing an image that never existed. The trauma bond will cause you to pursue and chase an illusion you created in your own mind.
  8. Suppose you are unfortunate enough to suffer the rasp of a trauma bond. It will be hands down one of the biggest challenging and heartbreaking tasks you take in life as you try to break it.

I wish you luck, you will need more than luck. Awareness works, but it’s painful as fuck.

Chris Freyler

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