When do People Finally Walk Away From a Narcissists?

It ends up being nothing but a revolving door.

Chris Freyler


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Most probably won’t, or at least long term they won’t. Walking away is the easy part, but cutting ties completely is where it gets difficult.


If you do master the process of walking away FOREVER, well?

You will do it when you are a completely broken down fucked up version of yourself. But you won’t even realize what version is fucked up, UNTIL you walk away.

Then the fun begins, but not the fun you think. All your character defects a little flaws were shown to you in the most abusive and manipulative ways. And for the most part, they were used against you to make you question reality and your sanity.

Let’s be honest, we don’t “walk,” we crawl away from these fuckers out of utter defeat

We are angry as fuck. but armed with a wealth of knowledge very few psychologist have. You can “think” you understand the abuse when someone has told you about it, but to live it in a whole new understanding you didn’t know was possible.

Living it, and hearing about it are two different things. But to really understand it, you have to live it, and to understand it in that form will bring on a lot of pain and torment.

It’s like any other addiction, but you and I both know, these fuckers brought out all other kinds of addictions in us to cope with dating them. Yea, they fucked is up pretty good. And by the end we realize it was nothing but an addiction to a fake self they mastered long before they met you.

You were just one of many in their rotation

It’s here where everything comes to a head. The Narcissists is gone this time, but here you sit, with “yourself.” All alone while they are out sucking and fucking someone else while you are nothing but a distant memory to them, if that. You won’t cross their mind until there is something you had to offer they need again.

Isn’t life lovely?

That person you loved so deeply didn’t give one fuck about you!

And now, you are finally done, but it took you being drug through hot coals to wake the fuck up.

Am I right?

You don’t walk away from this shit. You put up such a barrier and a version of yourself they can no longer deal with “YOU!”

You forced “them” to walk way.

You were just healing.

And your healing did what you were praying for all along.

The fucking asshole walked away. They had too, they didn’t have any other option.

You figured them out.




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