When Does a Narcissist Realize They Need Help?

Chris Freyler
3 min readOct 31, 2021

When everyone in their life is tired of their bullshit

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Believing their own bullshit is how they survive, there is no other way. When they burn those closest to them out, they bring new characters into their story, which doesn’t have an ending. They keep adding new chapters to fit their narrative.

I believe the Covert Narcissist is less likely to seek help. They might as age catches up, but still highly doubtful because they need to be highly aware. They will just lie to the therapist, and actually, it’s not lying. They will speak their distorted delusional reality. And an unqualified therapist will fall for it every time.

Hell, it is tough for me to stomach the words I spewed to her when I was triggered. And at times, in the sick part of my mind, I believe she deserved the words for what she had done to me. But can you imagine doing what they do to people then be “aware” enough to know you are that kind of evil? Then OWN IT!?!


They project, Gaslight, and minimize it. That’s how they realize they “don’t” need help, but YOU do!

Looking back, the most broken I felt was when she took me to her therapist, and they both went into attack mode on me. It was devastating, and I was ready to get up and walk out. Her therapist was as delusional as her, and nothing I said mattered as they both picked me apart with my childhood trauma.

Coverts ask for help when their Ego has been shattered, and they catch a glimpse of who they really are. They will go through their “black book” of victims when this happens, hoping to get a bite. And if you were a very good boy, one that put up with all their bullshit and still chases them, you will be first on their list!


So they contact you, and you go running to them! You, again, think they finally see it! How wonderful! All your hard work and misery have paid off! They do want your help and support this time!

I’m here to tell you it will be short-lived. Once you give them the “pick me up” they need, they will be off to the races again. The grandiosity comes back to the surface, and they are on top of the world again. And you are the problem!

Chris Freyler

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