Why an Addict Disappears, And What They do While They’re Gone

It really depends on the reason they disappeared to begin with.

Chris Freyler
2 min readJun 17, 2024
Photo by Magda Smolen on Unsplash

They could be off on a helluva an “escape.” Running, avoiding and trying to disappear from all perceived forms of anxiety. Shooting, snorting, slamming, chugging, shopping, eating, fucking their way right into insanity.

Not all addicts are addicted to substances. Hell, I’d say just as many are addicted to things we call “normal” by society standards.

Everyone is addicted to something, so don’t bullshit yourself.

The amount of effort, and anxiety that goes into a “great escape” is exhausting. Little thought is put into just how exhausting the addiction really is until they get away from it for a period of time.

Another reason they disappear is due to the addiction itself. They are full of shame, and guilt. There is nothing worst than waking up in the morning to fear checking your text, and messages from the day(s) before. You panic as you click the little red dot on your notification screen.

It’s a helluva predicament to be in when you have no recollection of saying anything, but the proof right in front of you on your glaring lit screen on your phone.



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