Why do Narcissists Leave and Come Back?

You want an honest answer? Of course you don’t, but here it is anyway.

Chris Freyler


Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Because you let the asshole back. It’s that simple.

What if you didn’t answer their text, email or phone call? What if you didn’t think you were a worthless piece of shit who deserves their abuse because you “love” them?

What if you quit letting them convince you trauma bond is love and cognitive dissonance is them caring?

What if you didn’t believe all the cocka-maini-bullshit?

What if you flat out didn’t give a fuck if they found a way to contact you with their superficial words and promises?

What If you respected yourself more and told them to get fucked, and mean it?

What if you became “indifferent?”

What if you accepted the abuse happened, but didn’t let it define you? What if you turned the mirror on yourself and dug deep, I mean painfully deep.

Look at yourself.

What if you went l “full send” into self reflection and forgot they ever existed?

Not only that, but you remembered the lesson and accepted it.

What if you did all that?

They wouldn’t come back.

There’s your answer.

You let them.



Chris Freyler

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