You Weren’t The “One” With The Narcissists

Your first mistake was believing them when they told you you were.

Chris Freyler


Photo by GR Stocks on Unsplash

Do you really think they care or think anyone was “that” good? No, they don’t. I mean, don’t get me wrong. In the moment, they might. That’s until you spit a little truth at them.

Then, all those warm and fuzzy feelings you gave them disappeared! You know?

They said they never felt like this about anyone!

You motivate them to be a better person!

They NEVER hugged anyone like you!

You truly are the one!

The fucking lost soul they have been seeking their entire life! They can’t believe it!! It makes your skin crawl now, eh?

That’s right! Remember all the “feel goods?”

It was all fake.

They say it to everyone else, too, until a few have the balls to tell them what an abusive, lying, cheating, manipulative prick they are.

But no, no. Don’t go too far.

Now, if you are one of the “good” ones, you know? You flip and flop, you chase and apologize only to sprinkle in some epic blow-out rages of truth, yea. That person. The person you become when you can’t control yourself and blow?

They will dabble the thoughts of bringing you back around when the new shine wears down on the latest piece of ass their working. Because it will, oh, will it.

There’s a checkmate to this game they play.

You DO become the BEST they NEVER had. You don’t want to be the person you were anyway when you attracted this parasitic fuck, do you?

So, you start a mission to SHINE yourself up. But not for anyone else, just YOU!

Trust me; they will be watching afar as they settle for low life’s like themselves, still singing the same song and dance of how they are the victim, and shits just not fair!

STOP trying to be the “one” they regret losing and find the person YOU lost before you fell for their shit in the beginning.

I know. Easier said than done. But people do it.

And so can you.



Chris Freyler

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